Special Instruction to long distance shooting

IPTLD : Special Instruction to long distance shooting

This one day module allows to complete the training by reacting in emergency and improving the long distance shooting in the form of a course.
How to train at reduced distance, shot at close range, firing exercises in suitable positions, individual shot or in team, teaching training.

The purpose of this course is to reach targets of different sizes at unknown distances without measuring either for distance and weather. It allows you to review the skills acquired and used to plan future workouts. But it is above all a way to have fun in hitting at long distance.

Duration: 6h
Cartridges: 80
Pre Requirements: ICTLD

Abacus: To take advantage of these training modules, it is essential to make a chart for the equipment used. A model will be provided upon registration. We can make your charts, they will be charged at extra rate. (please specify when registering ) .

Materials needed:


Ruler, pencil paper (only pencil writing in the rain) , spiral notebook or small notebook (ideally a book ” Rite in the Rain”), a black marker, calculator, abacus (plastic to protect charts), gun cleaning kit, rifle and scope, hearing protection, hat, water bottle or water bottle, bag of 30 liters to serve as a support for the rifle , protection against rain, cold, sun .

Optional equipment. ( Do not make unnecessary expenses ):

Anemometer, weather station, binoculars