The sniper is a separate specialist. His training, armament and equipment shall meet the operational requirements. He has the ability to reach unattainable goals for other operators. His technical knowledge is tailored to different stages of its training courses.

The detail views of materials for training shooters Elite:


  1. Study of ballistics, internal, external, terminal.
  2. Efficiency ammunition, advice and choice of a projectile according to the desired effect.
  3. Effects of the temperature of the powder on the ballistics.
  4. Understanding and use of MOA and milliradians.
  5. Understanding the effect of wind on the course, read and correct the effects of the wind.
  6. Understanding the effects of mirage, how to fix them.
  7. Effects of rain, snow.
  8. Suppreor effects on the precision of a shot.
  9. Shooting through glass.
  10. Shooting in very low light conditions (underground tunnel)
  11. The synchronized shooting.
  12. The night shooting.
  13. The shooting response with a bolt action rifle.
  14. Observation method.
  15. Distances assessment method.
  16. Utility and use of a log book.
  17. Method against sniping.
  18. Camouflage techniques and exercises (urban, country, snow, desert).
  19. The shooting in town.
  20. Design charts by type of weapon and ammunition.
  21. Tests, comparison, advice and choice of a gun.
  22. Tests, comparison, advice and choose a riflescope.
  23. Shooting method suitable rifle and scope.