Shooting Instructor

The training takes into account the technical and psychological aspects of shooting instruction. It also allows instructors previously trained to maintain technical developments, and educational tactics.

Here are details of material covered for training Monitor Shooting:


  1. The concept of training to arms.
  2. The essential data of the shot.
  3. Individually shooting instructor training.
  4. The collective shooting instructor training.
  5. Training for long distance shooting instructors.
  6. The basics of education.
  7. Tester. Why and how to test?
  8. To Train.
  9. The emergency instruction, who, why?
  10. Develop a training doctrine and training
  11. Know how to play smart opponent when working force against force.
  12. Train and develop the monitors.
  13. The after shot. Intellectual preparation, mental and physical. Living with his actions. Role of the monitor in preparation for armed engagement.