Integrated education has the advantage of replacing the shooting in a realistic context. The gun is a tool, just as intermediate weapons and communication. The use of the weapon does result of a decision taken based on the dangerousness of the situation while respecting the legal framework. When forming, once basic training acquired, all shots fired by the officer are determined to make it more autonomous.  

Here is the detail of materials for the training of the Police Forces:     

  1. General knowledge of weapons.
  2. General knowledge of ammunition.
  3. Self-defense, summonses, injunctions.
  4. Communication as a first weapon.
  5. How to make a raised doubts with tactical light.
  6. The drill making, situational “force against force.”
  7. The weapons of the street.
  8. Know them to better detect and protect themselves.
  9. Progression techniques locality.
  10. Shooting with live ammunition in situations in a specialized and secure complex.
  11. Getting individual situation, pairs, team or group.
  12. The after shot.
  13. Intellectual preparation, mental and physical.
  14. Living with his actions.
  15. Tests, comparison, advice and choice of a gun.
  16. Tests, comparison, advice and choice of a gun.
  17. Tests, comparison, advice and choose a riflescope.