This module allows to train technically competent instructors, motivating and comfortable to communicate. It gives instructors teaching methodology and tools needed to detect defects of shooters and improve them with simple exercises with or without shooting. (Course MON)

Program : The “training to arms” concept, the background to the shooting instruction, the essential data of the shot.

The formation of the instructor, the basics of education, basic training, test, why and how to test the trainee.
Learning quality instruction
Learning the basic techniques of the methodology of instruction focused on personal weapon through the following lessons-type:

  1. Security (4 rules, presentation of the weapon, attitudes 5)
  2. Handling (3 manipulations and complementary immediate reaction, recharge and store changes)
  3. Shooting (5 basic principles, 7 sequences of the shooting, 3 kinds of fire)
  4. Maintenance of armament and equipment preparation.
  • Duration: 30h (5 consecutive days)
  • Cartridges: 1000
  • Pre Requirements: IBP / have followed the course is a coach

Documentation: the “shooting instruction” manual is included Philippe Perotti. Words and key points of the gun base instruction are delivered on paper and electronically. Following this training, the monitor is able to form and conduct a training session on the IBP module. He is committed to the values ​​that we develop and promote.