Armed Forces

The firearms training is one of the elements involved in combat training. It is therefore essential to train personnel as a fighter and not the shooter. Mental preparation and integrated education are weapons of choice to prepare the soldier to fight effectively by adapting constantly to changing situations encountered in exterior or interior environement during missions.

Here are details of material covered for training of the Armed Forces:

  1. General knowledge of weapons.
  2. General knowledge of ammunition.
  3. Self-defense, summonses, injunctions.
  4. Communication as a first weapon.
  5. How to make a raising doubts with tactical light.
  6. The drill making, situational “force against force.”
  7. Shooting with live ammunition in situations in a specialized and secure complex. Getting individual situation, pairs, team or group.
  8. The weapons of the street. Know them to better detect and protect themselves.
  9. The after shot. Intellectual preparation, mental and physical. Living with his actions.